Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Local Natives - Gorilla Manor (2010)

If Fleet Foxes weren't boring and Vampire Weekend had musical talent and they formed a rockin' supergroup, they would be Local Natives. This debut album has all the catchy, hopped up rhythms but without all the fluff and the vocal harmonies really bring everything together. Most of the arrangements on the album just really seem to show some extreme effort. The only issue is, the first half of the album really seems to gel and all of the songs are fantastic but once you get to that half-way point, things start getting a little monotonous. Maybe it just hasn't grown on me or the first bunch of songs are sooooo good that the others pale in comparison, I have no idea, just welcome in the warmth of summer with this album and thank me later.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mono - One Step More and You Die (2003)

In spirit of record store day, I bought Mono's album I posted on here a long time ago, You Are There. Then I was listening to their other records and realized it's been a while since I posted some Mono and also realized somewhat recently how much i love this album. The flow is perfect and just about everything about it is beautiful. It's quite the sonic journey.

Kickball - S/T (2002)

I know I havent posted in too long...don't be upset! I have a slew of amazing albums for you all to check out and I figure I'll start off with something familiar for anyone who digs all the stuff I post. I've posted just about every other kickball album on here, I think, so here's their first, self-titled release from way back. I couldn't even find a good sized picture of the album art but here's a picture of them rocking out for good measure. this album is extremely sparse but still has all the wonky, twangy guitar and eccentric drumming you love about huckleberry eater but more of a happy vibe, perfect for the weather. Get on it.