Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jaga Jazzist - The Stix (2003)

This 10 piece band from Norway mixes many styles of music ranging from drum 'n' bass to jazz to create a unique and pulsing sound. Using saxophones, vibraphones, electric drums and many other unconventional instruments, they craft some very intense and driving songs with a very nu-jazz feel. Definitely check it out if you're on the prowl for something completely new to indulge in.

1.kitty wú
3.another day
4.suomi finland
5.aerial bright dark sound
7.toxic dart
8.i could have killed him in the sauna
10.the stix

The Stix

Thursday, March 27, 2008

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Modest Mouse - The Fruit That Ate Itself (1997)

Modest Mouse is easily one of my favorite bands of all time. When i first got into them many years ago, the title track from this album was one of the first songs i heard and loved. Its a quirky track with barely any guitar and Issac Brock, the singer/guitarist, is basically rapping with his slurred, lispy speech all over the place. I was unable to hunt down this whole record until about a year ago and was elated when i finally got to hear these other wonderful songs. Check it out.

  1. "Sunspots" – 0:39
  2. "The Waydown" – 2:30
  3. "Fruit" - 0:52
  4. "Dirty Fingernails" - 3:20
  5. "Sunspots in the House of the Late Scapegoat" – 2:42
  6. "The Fruit That Ate Itself" – 3:17
  7. "Way Down" – 0:43
  8. "Summer" – 3:12
  9. "Karma's Payment" – 3:28
The Fruit That Ate Itself

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Té - It Be The Thinking As 'the Song' おう Of Realistic Sound From The World Which Resounds (2005)

Never mind the ridiculously long and borderline pretentious album and song titles. This Japanese band seems to have taken many western influences of mathrock and post-rock bands and have churned them out in a completely new light. These songs build up very nicely and the bands thick rhythm section really helps every song sound very fresh and exciting. Brought to you by Ricky.

01. Té - That It Makes Nonexistent Intelligence Even Although It Calls It With A Powerful Mind And Power How To 'none' Equa' [2:45]
02. Té - Without Having The Word That Even, A Beautiful Melody Tells Sound '留' め Does た To Heart That It Does It [5:19]
03. Té - It 'be Done And Maintain' Only With The Modest Religious Service Of From Day To Day Just As Even The Faith Is Same Even The Love [5:02]
04. Té - One, That Does Not Require Tomorrow Most Stands In Tomorrow Most Gladly And Buy 'direction' [3:04]
05. Té - The Boldness Is The Child Of Ignorance And Meanness And '劣' る Considerably Than Other Qualifications [5:53]
06. Té - Person Who It Plays By Using A/The Word Not To A Plain Memory '過' ぎ, Without Existing In A/The Talent [3:31]
07. Té - Moderation And Justice Are 'the Name' That The Only Superior Can Use Selfishly Merely [6:00]
08. Té - Heart Be 'the Made' る Of Outlet In The Direction Of A/The Lie When It Has Lacked A Correct Goal [5:33]
09. Té - It Not And Do A/The Foam To Any Pain And Happiness Be 'a/The Call' ぶな He How Many People [5:14]
10. Té - Human Being Is Doing The Ability That Destroys Self Oneself By Reason '有' [5:15]

It Be The Thinking As 'the Song' おう Of Realistic Sound From The World Which Resounds

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jeff Mangum - Live at Jittery Joe's (2001)

This is a live performance by Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel. It was recorded in 1997 but was finally released in 2001, a few years after NMH broke up. Apparently, there was no setlist and all the songs played were requests from the audience who seem almost like close friends. He is a truly talented songwriter and really knows how to tug your heartstrings [/emo]. The only problem i have with this album is some damn baby crying during one of the songs...ugh

  1. "Introduction" – 0:26
  2. "A Baby for Pree/Glow into You" – 3:50
  3. "Two Headed Boy" – 5:40
  4. "I Will Bury You in Time" – 2:51
  5. "Gardenhead" – 3:44
  6. "Two Headed Boy Part Two" – 5:37
  7. "I Love How You Love Me" – 3:26
  8. "Engine" – 5:13
  9. "Naomi" – 5:19
  10. "Jesus Christ"– 1:25
  11. "Up and Over We Go"– 2:52
  12. "Oh Comely" – 7:56
Live at Jittery Joe's

Monday, March 17, 2008

Animal Collective - Water Curses (2008)

I guess this leaked recently. I really enjoyed it, maybe even more than their last LP (yeah I know, I'm crazy). Anyway, this is a damn good EP and you should check it out for sure. Also, I don't even know if this is the artwork but it's cool anyway.

  1. "Water Curses" - 3:25
  2. "Street Flash" - 6:48
  3. "Cobwebs" - 4:14
  4. "Seal Eyeing" - 3:38
Water Curses

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Minus the Bear - Interpretaciones del Oso (2007)

This is a remix album of Minus the Bear's album Menos el Oso (2005) and features remixes of all the songs. I don't know who the remixers are but they have cool names and most of these remixes are quite amazing. If you like Minus the Bear, electronica, both or you just want to be surprised by some crazy music then this album is definitely worth checking out.

  1. "Drilling (P.O.S Redo)" – 3:43
  2. "Memphis & 53rd (Fog Remix)" – 4:06
  3. "Fulfill The Dream (Old Italy Remix Tyondai Braxton)" – 3:21
  4. "This Ain't A Surfin' Movie (Iqu 06 Mix)" – 4:35
  5. "The Fix (Plan B Remix)" – 4:21
  6. "Hooray (Dark Baby Remix)" – 2:56
  7. "The Game Needed Me (Oktopus Remix)" – 4:38
  8. "Pachuca Sunrise (Alias Remix)" – 4:19
  9. "Michio's Death Drive (Michio A.K.A. Monostereo Remix)" – 3:47
  10. "El Torrente (J. Clark Remix)" – 4:06
  11. "The Pig War (O, Hunter Remix)" – 5:05
Interpretaciones Del Oso

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Giraffes? Giraffes! - More Skin With Milk-Mouth

I don't really know much about this band besides they are chock-full of mathy goodness. I believe it's a drummer and a guitarist working together to make this insane music. The songs are quite chaotic but usually have a strange and eerie ambient part interrupting the torrent of ridiculousness. There is an especially cool sample of some guy talking about dreams and stuff in track 2. Check it outtttt!

1. When the catholic girls go camping, the nicotine vampires rule supreme.
I am s/h(im)e[r] as you am s/h(im)e[r] as you are me and we am I and I are all our together:
Our collective consciousness’ psychogenic fugue
3. The ghost of EPPEEPEE’s ghost
4. Emilie Sagée’s secret
5. A quick one, while she’s away

More Skin With Milk-Mouth

Friday, March 7, 2008

Cursive - The Ugly Organ (2003)

The Ugly Organ is a concept album about "The Ugly Organist" and his life of lust, love and emptiness. I don't quite understand the whole story just by listening to the album but you get the general idea of the emotions and things he is going through. It is an amazing album and features the same cellist as was on the previous album i put on here. It ads a whole layer of melancholic sound and feeling to the album and aids in the story telling process. Overall, the album is very expressive and a little depressing but fantastic nonetheless.

  1. "The Ugly Organist" – 0:53
  2. "Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand" – 1:53
  3. "Art is Hard" – 2:46
  4. "The Recluse" – 3:04
  5. "Herald! Frankenstein" – 0:47
  6. "Butcher the Song" – 3:31
  7. "Driftwood: A Fairy Tale" – 3:14
  8. "A Gentleman Caller" – 3:19
  9. "Harold Weathervein" – 2:59
  10. "Bloody Murderer" – 2:52
  11. "Sierra" – 3:25
  12. "Staying Alive" – 10:04
The Ugly Organ

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

John Frusciante - Shadows Collide With People (Acoustic) (2004)

From John's Website,
"I’m releasing this acoustic version of the album because there was so much production on the record -- there's so much layering of different types of sound and things -- that I just thought it would be nice for some of the fans who prefer a more raw, stripped down sound. They will just hear the songs in their raw form."
He basically recorded this track in his livingroom in his spare time with just him and his guitar (with guest vocals from Josh Klinghoffer). Like he said, this album is organic, raw and feels very personal. In some sense it really is because it was his decision to record it and release it free on the internet. The files can be found free on his website but they wont play on iTunes so you cant put it on your iPod or whatever but these files are MP3s. Also, there are lyrics. Just for you Annino.

5Second Walk1:41
7Wednesday's Song3:48
8This Cold1:30
9Song To Sing When I'm Lonely3:18
10Time Goes Back3:23
11In Relief2:27
15The Slaughter3:56

Shadows Collide With People (Acoustic)

De Facto - Légende du Scorpion à Quatre Queues (2001)

I'm ashamed that I haven't posted any dub. I'll start with some not-so-traditional although some of my favorite dub. De Facto is what happened when Cedric and Omar, from At the Drive-In, got tired of it and decided to branch off into a more freeform type of music. They teamed up with Isaiah "Ikey" Owens and Jeremy Ward and started De Facto. Their music is more of a fusion of intense, dark dub and searing latin beats. Listen and be amazed.

  1. "Legend of the Four-Tailed Scorpion" – 3:02
  2. "Mattilious Creed" – 0:17
  3. "AMKHZ" – 3:16
  4. "Hoxadrine (Live)" – 8:58
  5. "Muerte Inoxia" – 3:48
  6. "Vesica Pisces (Live)" – 7:13
  7. "Cordova" – 5:16
  8. "120E7 (Original Version)" – 4:49
  9. "Exit Template" – 2:30
Légende du Scorpion à Quatre Queues

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Piglet - Lava Land EP (2005)

A three-piece instrumental band from Chicago, Piglet craft manic and hyperbolic orchestrated jams. With complicated, mind-bending song structures, their sound is very similar to a combination of Toe, Tera Melos and Don Cab (all can be found for reference below). And a special thanks to Ricky for reminding me they existed and calling this blog "gay"hahah.

1. Bug Stomp
2. Caramel
3. Little Bubble Where Are You Going
4. Anthropology Anthology
5. Pangea Reunion
6. Plastic Stars Cotton Highways

Lava Land

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Medeski, Martin & Wood - The Dropper (2000)

MMW is a very experimental jazz fusion band from NYC. They originally started out as a traditional jazz band consisting of John Medeski on piano, Billy Martin on drums and Chris Wood on the upright bass. IT became extremely difficult to travel with a piano so Medeski started using a Hammond B3 organ which added a lot of funk to their sound. They evolved from there, adding electric bass and even more electronic pianos and organs and even experiment with hip-hop techniques such as turntablism. This album really is their best work and incorporates so many different styles that its staggering.

The Dropper