Tuesday, March 4, 2008

De Facto - Légende du Scorpion à Quatre Queues (2001)

I'm ashamed that I haven't posted any dub. I'll start with some not-so-traditional although some of my favorite dub. De Facto is what happened when Cedric and Omar, from At the Drive-In, got tired of it and decided to branch off into a more freeform type of music. They teamed up with Isaiah "Ikey" Owens and Jeremy Ward and started De Facto. Their music is more of a fusion of intense, dark dub and searing latin beats. Listen and be amazed.

  1. "Legend of the Four-Tailed Scorpion" – 3:02
  2. "Mattilious Creed" – 0:17
  3. "AMKHZ" – 3:16
  4. "Hoxadrine (Live)" – 8:58
  5. "Muerte Inoxia" – 3:48
  6. "Vesica Pisces (Live)" – 7:13
  7. "Cordova" – 5:16
  8. "120E7 (Original Version)" – 4:49
  9. "Exit Template" – 2:30
Légende du Scorpion à Quatre Queues

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Jesse said...

And I support this blog because I love De Facto and the rest of the works these musicians have done and gone on to do.

You're the man, thanks for the comment, De Facto fucking owns.