Sunday, March 2, 2008

Piglet - Lava Land EP (2005)

A three-piece instrumental band from Chicago, Piglet craft manic and hyperbolic orchestrated jams. With complicated, mind-bending song structures, their sound is very similar to a combination of Toe, Tera Melos and Don Cab (all can be found for reference below). And a special thanks to Ricky for reminding me they existed and calling this blog "gay"hahah.

1. Bug Stomp
2. Caramel
3. Little Bubble Where Are You Going
4. Anthropology Anthology
5. Pangea Reunion
6. Plastic Stars Cotton Highways

Lava Land


Anonymous said...

argh! this file seems to have expired, or it's been taken off. have you any idea where i can find it because i desperately want this ep!? piglet are so hard to find! :'( my email is rhyswbev at aol dot com.

gerald said...

can you reup load

HOWMusic(k) said...

find the album free at