Friday, February 22, 2008

Dub Trio - Exploring the Dangers Of (2004)

This album is perfect for getting into the amazing world of Dub Trio for many reasons. This is some heavy stuff and there is always so much going on whether its vintage dub sound effects or the darkest bass groove ever, these songs will consume you if you're not careful. This album also features live songs that will blow you away. Only if you see them live (see post below or GO TO A CONCERT!) will you truly appreciate how much these 3 guys do. Although they are more straightforward dub/electronica on this album, I encourage you to check out their other albums that fuse more punk, hardcore and math elements to further enhance their unique sound.

1. Drive by Dub
2. Casting Out the Nines
3. Scoop and Smash Em
4. Sick Im Kid
5. Real Wicked Ways
6. Awakening Dub (Live)
7. Fur Boots on the Party Moose (Live)
8. Sick Im (Live)

Exploring the Dangers Of

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