Monday, February 25, 2008

Toquinho - Asa Branca and Other Successes

My mom got this CD in France a long time ago and i honestly don't know if these track names or even the CD title itself is correct. I also can't find any CD art so thats just a picture of Toquinho. He's one of the most insane bossa nova/classical guitarists I've ever heard. This CD is full of different styles of music from very somber and emotional solo classical guitar pieces to upbeat salsa songs with a full band and vocals in portuguese. This is probably a really rare CD so i figured I'd share it with everyone and hopefully you will all enjoy it as much as I do.

  1. Boca da Noite 3:26
  2. Presença 0:54
  3. Tua Imagem 1:56
  4. 1969 Aeroporto do Galeao 1:52
  5. Uma Rosa em Minha Mão 2:31
  6. Asa Branca 4:23
  7. Lembrando Josh White 1:47
  8. No Fim Não Se Perde Nada 2:13
  9. Sem Enredo 4:01
  10. Vamos Chamar O Vento 4:12
  11. Na Cancela 2:39
  12. Ingenuo 3:09
  13. Noite Longa 3:03
  14. A Agua Negra Da Lagoa 3:31
  15. La Barca 3:02
  16. Tocando Prá Silvinha 2:14
  17. Chuva Na Praia de Juqui 2:15
  18. Que Maravilha 2:35
  19. Zana 3:08 Toquinho
  20. Bachianinha #1 2:29
  21. De Ontem Pra Hoje 1:49
  22. Dobrando A Esquina 2:16
  23. Carolina Carol Bela 3:10
  24. Evocação A Jacob 2:34

Asa Branca and Other Successes

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Annino said...

Love it. Not necessarily as something to just sit down and listen to, but I like to put on my headphones and have it playing as I write. Very soothing and relaxing.