Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Locust - Safety Second, Body Last (2005)

This 10 minute EP is filled with all of the intensity you hear in The Locust's usual 30 second songs but has trippy ambient lulls in between each of the movements. There are only two tracks but there are 11 movements all together. This EP is great because it takes The Locust's intensity and absurd synth-laced tactics and puts a twist on progressive rock and gives birth to a very deranged piece of music. Enjoy...or dont.

  1. Armless and Overactive
    "Who's Handling the Population Paste?"
    Invented Organs
    "New Tongue Sweepstakes"
    "Consenting Abscess (Part 1)"
  2. "Consenting Abscess (Part 2)"
    One Decent Leg
    "Movement Across the Membrane"
    "Oscillating Eyes"
    Immune System Overtime
    "Hairy Mouth"
Safety Second, Body Last


*#..(brad said...

Their best

todd said...

plague soundscapes is by far the best, idk what you're talking about haha. I saw them live too for the tour of new erections.. not as good of a cd, but amazing live.. i couldn't believe how dead on they are.

Anonymous said...

Mind doing a re-up?