Sunday, October 19, 2008

Man Man Extravaganza Post

So, If you've glanced over to the right of the page where my widget things are, you might've noticed that I've been listening to the band Man Man a lot. They take vaudevillian, folksy European music to a whole new level. I constantly find myself bobbing my head to the beat or attempting to sing along with the rugged, manly choruses along with the high pitched and extremely goofy background vocals. Any way you look at it, this is fun music to listen to with other people or just rocking out alone. Seeing them live drastically changed my perspective as well. Before I saw their videos at La Blogotheque, I dismissed them as just some other goofy band trying to jump on the obscure folk bandwagon. I was so damn wrong. These guys love every second of what they're doing and do it with such gumption that its difficult not to really get into it. Just watch these awesome videos and check out the discography.

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