Sunday, October 19, 2008

Medeski, Martin & Wood - Electric Tonic (recorded in 1998 released in 2002)

Another of my favorites from MMW. This album was recorded from a 100% improvised show at the now defunct NYC club, Tonic. Its a mixture of free jazz and the usual MMW brand of funky, experimental jamming. And please...don't run away just yet because you saw "free jazz". I know its one of the less accessible genres but this really takes it to the next level. I used the term because of this bands jazzy nature and the total improvisation that takes place. It's far from John Coltrane's Ascension or Ornette Coleman's greatest hits, but it still roots itself in that intensely jazzy plane. This album specifically reminds me of fall because of an amazing free jazz performance I saw up at Bennington College in VT and today was particularly cold so it brought back some memories. Definitely open your ears for this one.

Electric Tonic

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