Friday, January 16, 2009

Owls - Owls (2001)

Yet another Kinsella project. This one is probably my favorite post Cap'n Jazz incarnation with spectacular tappy guitar and some of the happiest, bounciest drums around. Unfortunately this band really didn't last long. They went on one tour and broke up shortly after (or during, I don't remember) back in 02. They all had other stuff going on like Owen and Ghosts and Vodka. Even though this is the only thing they really got around to releasing, I think its great and I can really get lost in the hypnotic guitar stylings of Victor Villareal. Tim's vocals can get grating after a while for some but I usually enjoy it. Just go for it.

1. What Whorse You Wrote Id On
2. Anyone Can Have A Good Time
3. I Want the Quiet Moments of a Party Girl
4. Everyone Is My Friend
5. I Want the Blindingly Cute to Confide In Me
6. For Nate's Brother Whose Name I Never Knew or Can't Remember
7. Life In the Hair Salon-Themed Bar on the Island
8. Holy Fucking Ghost



Anonymous said...

there is no guitar tapping on this record

InstanthumanJustaddcoffee said...

cool story, bro