Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rosetta - Wake/Lift (2007)

This is some really heavy stuff. I mean like neutron star matter heavy. The thickness of the atmosphere in this music is so eerie and breathtaking that I don't know if I'm floating in Neptune or walking through a foggy abandoned lumber mill in the dead of winter. If you don't like long, atmospheric songs or vocalists that sound like bears, this is not the band for you. They add so many elements together like post-metal, sludge metal, spacey psychedelic rock and technical, almost math rock-like elements every now and again that the sound is always evolving within the songs and makes it a very enjoyable thing to immerse yourself in. Definitely check it out if it's cold where you live.

  1. "Red in Tooth and Claw" – 12:15
  2. "Lift (part 1)" – 5:06
  3. "Lift (part 2)" – 3:19
  4. "Lift (part 3)" – 6:08
  5. "Wake" – 9:27
  6. "(Temet Nosce)" – 14:56
  7. "Monument" – 13:30

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