Thursday, January 1, 2009

Panda Steps In Chocolate - Paper EP (2008)

My latest buddy, Christian Filardo of AZ is Panda Steps in Chocolate. As a bonafide one- man-band of the 21st century, Christian composes and programs all the infectious, synthy goodness and hearty drum beats as well as the catchy vocal melodies which he then sings the harmony parts over. His lyrics range from being sincerely poetic to some very tongue-in-cheek humor and really brings all the elements of each song together depending on the feeling of the particular track. I'm not even sure what other music I listen to could be compared to this in any way. The happy-go-lucky overall vibe of this album paired with the memorable melodies and blazing beats will certainly warrant multiple listens and you will most likely catch yourself humming "Sign Language" or "Porcupine" on the bus. I'm also well aware of how many hyphenated phrases im using in this post and I don't care. I mean, just listening to this album makes me hyphen-happy and how could that be a bad thing? Snag this EP and start using more hyphens. Also, stop by his myspace or and say hello if you like what you hear:

Paper EP