Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Toe - RGBDVD (2006)

This live performance by Toe makes my life complete. Since they only really play in Japan, this is the closest any of us over in the States will get to seeing them live for a while. I e-mailed the band a while back and one of the guitarists responded that they would love to tour over here but they had to find a record label first. SOMEONE SIGN THEM ALREADY. Godddddamnit, I want to see them more than any band. I don't even think it's possible to not enjoy their music so I don't see how they could ever have trouble getting signed over here. Oh well. I'll also use this post as an excuse to repost the link to the toe album I posted way back when I first started this whole thing.

The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety

Here are the 2 parts to this amazing DVD:


(((UrsaMinor))) said...

is this just the audio or the actual video? dl'ing anyways, just wanted to know.

also, great blog btw. I check it almost everyday to see if you've posted anything new.

InstanthumanJustaddcoffee said...
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InstanthumanJustaddcoffee said...

yes, its the actual video and its amazing
i could also post the audio though, its pretty sweet but not that much different than the actual recordings.

also thanks for the kind words mang

(((UrsaMinor))) said...

word, definitely a good watch. thanks for uploading man. also no problem dude, you got a great blog going for sure

Rachel said...

Wow, thanks a lot for the video. I saw Toe in Hong Kong in the summer and they were simply amazing. You won't believe how the drummer did it. it was just crazy.

Gicky said...

OH YEA, Who found that? Oh thats right OWNED haha finally you listened to my wise words and put it up on here

InstanthumanJustaddcoffee said...

rachel, you have no idea how envious i am of you. I would do many unspeakable things to see toe play live. I love your blog by the way, its got some really legit stuff. Im gonna put it on my rollll.

dj gicky, shush yo mouf k? who showed you toe again?
oh, right, IT WAS I!