Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bowerbirds - Hymns for a Dark Horse (2007)

Mmmm...Let me start off this post by expressing my amazement at the fact that my blog has been looked at over 20,000 times. That kinda makes me feel warm and gooey on the inside. Overall, I'm just glad enough people care enough to keep checking here over and over again for a new post which is why from now on, I vow to post a lot more for you dedicated few. Thank you so much. Now, on to business...
My personal folk music consultant, Elise, recently blessed me with the opportunity to listen to this beautiful group of musicians. Their simplistic yet rich approach to folk music is extremely visceral and earthy while being soothing and mellow at the same time. I've found it to be perfect autumn music, as it has nestled its way into the soundtrack to my life. The instrumental components consist mainly of acoustic guitar, accordion, occasional violin and I'm pretty sure the only percussion is a huge marching band bass drum used with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, being struck on every possible surface of it to create rhythm. Besides that, the vocal melodies and harmonies are delightfully beguiling as well as catchy. You WILL get these songs stuck in your head, indefinitely. So brew up some tea, sit in a rocking chair by the fire and other folksy stuff and prepare to fall in love.

Oh, and here's one of their amazing Take Away Shows of my favorite song on the album, Bur Oak:

01. Hooves 2:41
02. Olive hearts 5:27
03. In our talons 3:53
04. Human hands 3:20
05. Dark horse 4:34
06. Bur oak 5:01
07. My oldest memory 4:31
08. The marbled godwit 4:00
09. Slow down 3:54
10. The Ticonderoga 4:31

Hymns For a Dark Horse

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