Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mono - The Sky Remains The Same As Ever (DVD) (2008)

I realized that as long as I've had the Mono albums I posted below, I never truly appreciated them until I saw this DVD. It's more of a documentary with giant segments of songs mixed with sparse interludes of tour footage and interviews. The live footage is really where it grabs your attention though. The songs build up in such a visceral way because of the live atmosphere and you can tell how loud and heavy their music is supposed to be. The mood of the live performances is very intimate, despite the pretty immense crowd. This is because It was all filmed on stage by director/filmographer/editor Teppei Kishida. He essentially followed them around the world and walked around the stage during their performances to film them. This personal touch to the film makes it seem so much more intense as opposed to the usual camera angles you would see in live DVDs. I also believe that he is a big fan of the music and knows exactly when the surprisingly intense climaxes are and always pans to the audience to capture their reaction; usually one of incredible shock followed by elation. It's a beautiful thing. PLEASE check this out, especially if you weren't really digging those two albums below.