Saturday, February 21, 2009

Death Cab For Cutie - Live Room 071198 (1998)

Although Death Cab isn't a band I really listen to at all...this live album really captured my heart way before I had ever heard of them from TV or magazines and whatnot. My friend gave it to me a long while ago and I've never heard album versions of any of these songs but I don't really care because this is such a great show. There are some interviews in between a few songs and I've never paid much attention to them but I left them in there for good measure. Even if you're reading this thinking, "ehhhh...Death Cab is lame.", definitely give this album a go.

  • 01. your bruise
  • 02. interviewstuff
  • 03. fake frowns
  • 04. champagne from a paper cup
  • 05. amputations
  • 06. sleep spent
  • 07. interviewstuff
  • 08. president of what?
  • 09. state st. residential
  • 10. song for kelly huckaby
  • 11. bent to squares
  • 12. 405
  • 13. pictures in an exhibition
Live Room 071198

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