Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ghosts and Vodka - Addicts and Drunks (2003)

I've been listening to sooooo much Owls lately and I've only gotten more and more obsessed with the display of guitar mastery by my hero, Victor Villareal. Ghosts and Vodka is post Cap'n Jazz but pre-Owls so his style seems like its still evolving but shows so much promise and if you listen closely you can hear it swelling in awesomeness towards the perfection displayed on the Owls record. This is an anthology of the two albums G&V put out during their short lifespan and is more than worthy of finding its way into your ears.

01 Andrea Loves Horses
02 It's All About Right Then
03 Good Luck With Your Multiple Personalities
04 Laser Guided by God
05 Futuristic Genitalia
06 Sex is Popular
07 Hot Dot Above, Tan Man Below
08 Is That a Person?
09 Four Red Brains
10 Conversational All-Stars
11 Mechanical Bull Rider
12 Nicholas Prefers Dinosaurs
13 Cowboys and Sailors
14 Doo Dee Doo Dee Do
15 Stoli on the Rocks
16 Bizarre Funeral

Addicts and Drunks


Annino said...

I hadn't expected this to be all instrumental, but I'm really feelin' it.

InstanthumanJustaddcoffee said...

yeah i kinda forgot to mention that i guess hahah.
glad youre enjoying it though

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude, could you please fix the link for this album, I really want it, but I cannot find in anywhere...