Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Noyes - Noyes (2003)

While I'm in my current obsessive phase, I've been listening to an obscene amount of Victor Villareal related material. Now its time to bestow upon all of you some of his rarer stuff. Noyes (I have no idea how that's supposed to be pronounced) is his jazzier, mellower, mostly instrumental project with just him and a drummer. The mathy melodies he weaves in this are some of his finest and most creative and definitely should not be missed just because of how rare it is. At least I feel like its kinda rare...maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel special because it's my birthday.
Happy birthday to me!

  1. Puppet of Masters
  2. News Scatters
  3. This is the Bad 1
  4. So Long, Long Song Titles

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todd said...

I've been checking out all of VV's bands lately myself...kind of pissed that I've missed out until now.