Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kidcrash - Jokes (2007)

Of all the post-hardcore/emo/whatever the hell you want to call it that I listen to, this band has to be my favorite. This album perfectly demonstrates everything that is amazing about their genre and seems to be the culmination of everything they've been trying to do since they began their musical journey. Jokes is, essentially, a perfect album in my eyes. The only problem I can even find with it is the production quality which, if you knew their story, would make sense. They got shafted after they recorded their first album with their own money. After this happened they took matters into their own hands and put up all their albums for free online and urged fans not to buy the first record, New Ruins. If you like this album, please check out the rest of their EPs and splits here and buy them or donate or something. I would also highly recommend the I HAVEN'T HAD A DATE IN 4 YEARS GOLDIE HAWN GOLDIE HAWN GOLDIE HAWN EP. It's really quite amazing how good it all is.

1. Turtlelephant
2. The Ground Eats You
3. Life Was Real, Vital, Urgent, Important
4. Hypothetical Basking Shark
5. Kiss from a Roach on the Grave
6. Parrot's Just Don't Understand
7. Ron Ghousley's Fucked Up Dream
8. A Conduit Rather Than a Vault
9. Swingsets and Frozen Grapes



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The band allows you to stream all of their music for free. This link is up on their myspace: