Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Le pré où je suis mort - Le pré où je suis mort (2007)

Get ready, I'm about to snob up this blog with some French screamo. Yes, you heard me correctly. These guys take a different path than their countrymen and go for a more dynamic and drawn-out approach to the screamo genre. With sprawling, almost cinematic, songs, they really capture a lot of emotion and intensity. Even though I have absolutely NO idea what these guys are talking about, I can almost appreciate the vocal inflection more, almost as its own instrument. These epic journeys through music are definitely not to be missed. Also, prepare yourself for some more European screamo kinda stuff in the near future, I'm in love with it.

1 Vision - 6:22
2 Une fois de plus - 6:45
3 Terre promise - 6:52
4 Silence - 13:54

Le pré où je suis mort

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