Monday, December 14, 2009

Bowerbirds - Upper Air (2009)

For me, Bowerbirds was one of those bands that just clicked and I was immediately hooked as soon as I heard their debut album, Hymns For a Dark Horse, which I posted a while ago. This album is much more of a 'summer' album, in my opinion, but that might have to do with the fact that it came out in july... Anyway, it just has a much more upbeat vibe whereas Hymns is more somber and autumnal sounding. The addition of a bassist and a lot more drumming really made for a drastic change in dynamic while retaining their folky integrity. Everything sounds full and the arrangements are just as beautiful as ever. Even though it's getting pretty bleak outside (for me, anyway) this album will keep you in high spirits and is completely worth the 2 minutes it'll take to check it out.

01. House Of Diamonds 2:58
02. Teeth 4:10
03. Silver Clouds 4:30
04. Beneath Your Tree 3:40
05. Ghost Life 5:24
06. Northern Lights 2:54
07. Chimes 4:18
08. Bright Future 4:01
09. Crooked Lust 4:04
10. This Day 3:08

Upper Air

oh wait...
I posted the first album but long after that, I found the bonus tracks which are nothing short of spectacular. They are even better than some of the songs that actually made it on the album and one of them, La Denigracion, has become one of my favorite songs by them in general.

Hymns For a Dark Horse Bonus Tracks

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