Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Phantogram - Eyelid Movies (2009)

My band was put on a bill with these guys (well, guy and girl) at a local venue and it couldn't have been a more pleasant surprise. This dynamic duo combines hip-hop inspired beats, dank synths and catchy, inspired guitar melodies underneath beautiful vocals. There are also lots of effects going on (Im pretty sure i saw 2 KAOSS pads being used while they were playing...2!) but they only add to the atmosphere and create intriguing, dynamic textures. On top of being densely textured and interesting to listen to, it's also extremely dance-y and infectious. Highly recommended for blasting in cars.

1. mouthful of diamonds
2. when i'm small
3. turn it off
4. running from the cops
5. all dried up
6. as far as i can see
7. you are the ocean
8. bloody palms
9. futuristic casket
10. let me go
11. 10,000 claps

Eyelid Movies

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Annino said...

gnar gnar gnar. lovin' it