Friday, May 22, 2009

Kaospilot - Shadows (2009)

Norwegian screamo at its finest...whatever that means. These guys are doing it right and even if you don't consider yourself the biggest screamo fan, definitely consider giving this a shot. And if you consider yourself some kind of screamo veteran then you'll probably realize that essentially, this album is nothing new, its just a spectacular melding of all things that make the genre great. The vocals are splendid and not neeeearly as abrasive as anything you might automatically think of when you think of screamo like Jeromes Dream or Orchid or something. The production of this album is solid as well as the songwriting and instrumentation. There are a lot of post-hardcore elements but they're still condensed within shorter songs (apart from the droney and awesome 'Ad Infinitum'). Feeling agressive or just want to rage out with some headphones on? Check these norwegians out.

1. Lunar
2. When The Wind Turns Her Hand
3. Shadows
4. The Indian Became A Thunderbird
5. Ad Infinitum
6. Colossus
7. The Death Knell
8. The Symphony Plays With Nature
9. Weak Hands May Equal Firm Valor
10. Petroglyphs
11. Foruten Tid
12. Vivre Sa Vie


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Eddie said...

dope release dude - cheers for the up