Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ataxia - Automatic Writing (2004)

One would think Frusciante would be too busy with the Chili Peppers to do all these side projects but sometimes we all forget how inhumanly productive he can be. This is a project featuring him, the bassist of Fugazi and Josh Klinghoffer on drums. This and another album were written and recorded in 2 weeks and feature a continuous bassline that drives the song while the guitar and drums control the changes. Frusciante sings on all the tracks besides "Another" which is sung by Klinghoffer and "Montreal" which is sung by Joe Lally, the bassist. It's an amazingly fluid album with a lot of improvisation and creates an interesting platform for Frusciante to rock out on even though, overall, its a pretty mellow album, just with a heavy feel.

  1. "Dust" – 8:56
  2. "Another" – 6:22
  3. "The Sides" – 6:45
  4. "Addition" – 10:15
  5. "Montreal" – 12:24
Automatic Writing


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one of my favorite albums.