Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Black Pus - Back Pus II (2005)

Extreme Music Day Part Tres: Black Pus...pretty disgusting name for a solo project but what more can you expect from nearly deaf and nearly insane Brian Chipendale: drummer of Lightning Bolt. This is just him making all this noise. He uses a bunch of effects pedals for his voice drums and i believe he plays the saxophone as well. Despite all the ridiculous noise, i still find a lot of this pretty catchy. Definitely check it out. Can this day get any more extreme?

1.Kick Out the Pus
2.The Devilhellipers
3.The Flying Gluton Brothers / Chirpathonic
4.New Atlantis A
5.New Atlantis B / Ultra-Fuss Fus
6.Cut Off the Face Plant
7.Magic Bullet(in)
8.In the Garden of BrackishPus

Black Pus II