Sunday, August 17, 2008


Wow, that's some really intense stuff. Pretty much exactly 2 months has passed since my 5,000 views WOOOO post so that's telling me that more people are coming here. That is definitely deserving of another hearty WOOOOO and many thanks to all of you that come here to check out some amazing music. I will probably post more as the school year starts because I'll be sitting in the library, bored out of my mind on the never ending quest for more mind-blowing music. So all in all, I hope I can make it to 20,000 soon.
I also had the thought that any of you people could contact me with any music that you make and if I deem it worthy, I would definitely post it up here for some exposure, I guess.


Isaiah said...

I'm trying to get in contact with you so you can review my album.

Please email me

electr0nic beef said...

Very awesome mister man. Once school starts for me I'll be starving for more of this great music. Congrats on blog fame.

Bambii said...

Congrats Matt!
I'm only at 1,700 lol.
I'm still pretty proud of that though, to be honest.
Keep up the good music coming!

Anonymous said...

this blog is awesome man. keep up the good work.

InstanthumanJustaddcoffee said...

no need to be anonymous,
we're all friends here