Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Naan - Dokusa (2007)

Naan is a very eclectic duo from Japan using mostly drums and guitar to create the landscapes of their songs but there is always something more whether it's something general like a backing bass line or something more exotic like some ethereal flute solos or blaring trumpet melodies. They do a great job of composing these songs and creating a very atmospheric blend of sounds. There are also the occasional falsetto vocals near the climax of the song but are used very sparingly and tastefully even though they remain a mostly instrumental band. I saw that the band frequently updates their blog with live show recordings and other stuff but it's in japanese. If you can read japanese or just want to click around until an awesome song starts playing then be my guest. Check this out.
The discovery credit for this band goes to my friend Ricky. You will be recieving your Invalid Litter Dept. Funbucks in the mail shortly.

1. プネウマの舞踏
2. 梟、夕闇とともに飛ぶ
3. アスクレピオスに雄鶏を
4. テレマカシ
5. 狂宴
6. Last Exit
7. はじまるまえ
8. ムウサ


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