Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Octopus Owl - Viva Mexico (2008)

This post is very special because it is the simultaneous world-wide release of Octopus Owl's debut album, Viva Mexico. The multi-instrumentalist, Lara, is a very good friend of mine and you can find her blog somewhere on the right where she also posts tons of good music. When she isn't doing that, she is recording these delightful songs. The microphone used for this record isn't top studio quality but the humming and buzzing of extraneous noise really adds a unique element of charm to the tunes. Full of self-harmonizing, cheerful acoustic progressions, spanish lyrics and even an occasional harmonica, this album is sure to please. Spread the word!

1. Bread and Butter
2. My Embroidered Pillow
3. Four Apples
4. John Kenyatta
5. Jesus Loves Me
6. Calabo' y Bambo'
7. Coffee Mugs

Viva Mexico

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