Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kayo Dot - Choirs of the Eye (2003)

When I heard that the guy who organized this band, Toby Driver, was formerly in a band where they used astral projection and lucid dreams to create there music, I can't say that i was anything less than ridiculously intrigued. In my opinion, that way of discovering music in other dimensions or whatever it was that they did, didn't work out too well in suiting my music taste but it did lead me to Kayo Dot. These beautiful compositions (created on the physical plane of existence this time) really open my mind. Beautiful lyrics that are very poem-like compliment the soothing violin and acoustic guitar driven parts and are beautifully and masterfully contrasted by several epic climaxes during each song which have a very metal and hard rock influenced sound. There is also a ton more instrumentation including trumpet, cello, clarinet and even a french horn somewhere, apparently. But whats really important is how amazingly dark and atmospheric this record is as a whole, with very special and memorable moments such as:

Yeah, I know that seems absurd and nonsensical now but you'll know exactly what I mean soon enough.

  1. "Marathon" – 10:14
  2. "A Pitcher Of Summer" – 5:46
  3. "The Manifold Curiosity" – 14:28
  4. "Wayfarer" – 10:45
  5. "The Antique" – 14:41
Choirs of the Eye


Anonymous said...

Fucking brilliant album. Prepare to tear your soul open and love every minute of it.

FakeMoustache said...


because i know exactly what you mean :P.

awesome blog is awesome btw.

Rachel said...

thanks. i've been looking for this.

Anonymous said...

dood what the heck...kayo dot is fucking brilliant but i find maudlin of the wells "bath" album is also amazing in its own way