Sunday, August 24, 2008

Juicy Rumor

i don't know how many of you enjoy/listen to the band ZOX but i found out that they broke up today. I was at the old Stop and Shop buying some Cinnamon Toast Crunch (yum) and as fate would have it, i was wearing my ZOX shirt and i hear this guy say, "dude, ZOX broke up." Now, i'm a fan of their first 2 albums but the third one was awful and i was in a bad mood today so i barely even look up and just say, "meh, their last album sucked anyway." Then i realised i wanted to know more. So i look up and introduce myself and we talk briefly and he tells me that the reason he knows this was because his bands drummer knows someone in the band or something. This is basically just heresay but the guy is the bassist in a legit band called Jacobi Wichita (check them out, they're sortof a local band) and he also has dope dreadlocks so he has my trust. My friend also said he could find no official news of this so i figured i'd be ahead of the curve and post this here and feel really special. Hopefully more juicy rumors in the future?

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