Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Battles - EP C / B EP (2006

Battles is a very strange mathrock band that incorporates many unorthodox elements into their overall style in ways that will really capture your attention. One of these outlandish practices is the very unique guitar style of Ian Williams (formerly of Don Caballero) which involves looping guitar licks together and weaving them into an intense and mathy tapestry, often without you realizing how complex and layered it really is. This collection of 2 EPs is a great example of forward-thinking music and is a pleasure to listen to. While looking up the track listing, I realized that, for some reason, my version is switched and the C EP comes first. I'm sure you can all deal with it. Enjoy.

Disc one - B EP

  1. "SZ2" - 9:19
  2. "TRAS 3" - 1:11
  3. "IPT 2" - 1:49
  4. "BTTLS" - 12:27
  5. "DANCE" - 4:43
  6. "TRAS" - 3:38

Disc two - EP C

  1. "B+T" - 6:09
  2. "UW" - 3:01
  3. "HI/LO" - 7:51
  4. "IPT-2" - 1:34
  5. "TRAS 2" - 5:50
  6. "FANTASY" - 9:09


eletr0nic beef said...

These guys will be performing at Lollapalooza this year (which i'm excited to say i'm attending) and I can't wait to catch their show.

Keep up the good work Mr. Man.

electr0nic beef said...

I spelled my fucking name wrong goddamnit.

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

Good up.

B EP is still the best thing they've done, imo.

Annino said...

lobo, we talked about this at Will's, you need to post dub side of the moon for me man. pleease

Anonymous said...


Juan Manuel Frutos said...

thank you so much
I really want to hear these Ep

Juan Manuel Frutos said...
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