Saturday, July 5, 2008

Christian Scott - Rewind That (2006)

Alright, here is some jazzy stuff to change it up a little bit. This debut CD for the Christian Scott ensemble is full of amazing fusion and technical jazz. Not to mention Thomas Pridgen (now of The Mars Volta) on the drums, tearing it up. He really keeps this album together with his sparse, yet commanding, style and really shows how diverse and talented he is. The guitar also brings something new and interesting to the table and is very edgy compared to most jazz guitar you might hear. Not to downplay Scott's amazing dominance of the trumpet but I just felt that these other elements were what really stuck out to me and made me truly respect this album. Also, there is a pretty cool cover of Miles Davis' "So What" on here that everyone should at least give a listen to.

1. Rewind That
2. Say It
3. Like This
4. So What
5. Rejection
6. Lay in Vein
7. She
8. Suicide
9. Caught Up
10. Paradise Found
11. Kiel

Rewind That

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