Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rumah Sakit - Rumah Sakit (2000)

Rumah Sakit (Indonesian for "hospital") is a raw mathrock band out of San Fransisco. They have a very fast-paced and busy sound much like Piglet. This band also shares a bassist with Sleeping people and you can hear his style shine through with pulsing rhythms and he also does a great job keeping up with the drummer and anchoring the band. Anyway, this album is very intense and powerful and will definitely hit the spot if you're looking for that intense mathrock fix.

1. I Can't See When I Close My Eyes!
2. Scott & Jeremiah
3. Careful With That Fax Machine
4. Wind & Wing
5. Bring On The Cobras
6. Stomachache Due To The Sincere Belief That The Rest Of My Band Is Trying To Kill Me

Rumah Sakit


CELA said...

This is Predro not Rumah Sakit

InstanthumanJustaddcoffee said...

real sorry about that
its fixed now though
thanks for the heads up