Friday, July 11, 2008

People of the Internet!

Hey, if there are any broken links for any albums and stuff you should comment on this post with the album title and I will do my best to replace anything. Although I love Mediafire, they can be really lame and delete things for no reason. If anyone knows how I could prevent this from being a nuisance in the future, please also let me know by commenting here. I'll try to get any broken ones up ASAP once the reports start coming in though because im far too lazy to scour all my posts. THANKS!
i think you go in there and say HAPPY 7/11! and then you get a free small slurpee?


todd said...

I love the music you put up.
It's like I was meant to find this blog, thank you.

please add more :D

(maybe some mahavishnu orchestra: can't find any good ones/..or just some bands you recommend haha)


InstanthumanJustaddcoffee said...

wow, that's pretty strange because I was actually planning on putting some mahavishnu on here today...all these coincidences are creepin me out todd.
also, thank you for the kind words, i appreciate it.

todd said...

hmmm, haha I went on today just to see if i'd get a msg back and on the home page was mahavishnu.. Pretty sure that made my day, thanks =)

yeah that is an odd coincidence, but that's pretty awesome lets see if we can get 3 for 3.. (looking at albums i "desire"/need/want):

- Omar rodriguez lopez's first solo album [self titled 2005]

- Stevie wonder [innervisions 1973]

- some early elton john, (someone recommended it to me)

- Larry harlow

- Yes (i have close to the edge; want to explore their other workings)

- Can ( i have tago mago & Ege Bamyasi; However, i'd like to hear some more)

- a "good" beck album (i dont like the one i have: Stereopathetic Soul Manure)

- more minus the bear! wooo (i have planet of ice and i dont think the link on your site for the other album works)

- The roots [things fall apart]

that's just some, not sure if you know of all of them or not, but i was just hoping someone as eclectic as yourself may be able to aid me in my search =) don't feel pressured or anything, i'm going to the record store tomorrow also [amoeba music in hollywood incase you may be from socal]

ps. do you know if astrological straights is going to be any good? or if it's leaked? ..the zach hill solo album (guy from hella)

Lara said...

if you're going to put up some "good" Beck, might as well make it Midnite Vultures.

the zoologist said...

Totally agree with Todd on the Omar Yellow album showing up here. It's the only Omar I don't have.

InstanthumanJustaddcoffee said...

yeah thats actually his second solo album, i can definitely do that for you guys. but the main point of this post was for things that you want but the links are dead or missing. although these suggestions are good too.

whalephanthouse said...

you should re-upload "the book about my idle plot on a vague anxiety - toe"

whalephanthouse from the coma said...

you should put some deerhoof up, green cosmos, reveille, milk man.

deerhunter's a good one you should take a look at, also no age, they're pretty good. even if you can't upload any, take a listen to em.

Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome man, keep it up.

btw, do you have anymore don cab and any hella at all?