Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sharks Keep Moving

Hey, you are all in for a treat. I finally tracked down all of the EPs and the single LP by this awesome band. Its made up by some pretty elite people that went on to be in bands like Minus the Bear (I love them), Pretty Girls Make Graves (never given them a chance...should I?) and The Blood Brothers (ughh, if you like them, i pity you). The only thing I noticed upon first listen is that it features the singer of Minus the Bear before they really existed (I think) and his voice is as sultry and awesome as ever. The music is really atmospheric and many of them carry out into a long, relaxed kind of jam thing. There is always a lot of interesting stuff going on and is good music for just about any situation. I just got these tonight besides the EP, Desert Strings and Drifters, which I really love. I've given the others a once-through and decided they're awesome enough to all be in one post so i hope you enjoy.

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David said...

Hey guy,
your mediafire links for the first two are gimped, any chance you could re-upload them? Pause and Cause seems to work fine though.