Friday, July 4, 2008

Maps and Atlases - You and Me and the Mountain (2008)

Apparently this recently leaked or something a couple of days ago and I was lucky enough to come across it. Anway, here we have yet another EP from the LPophobics, Maps and Atlases. This time around they sacrifice a little bit of mathiness (yeah, in my reality that is a word) for a ton of catchiness and more of a groovy, almost pop, feel. I still think I like their last release a substantial amount more but this one hasn't grown on me yet so who knows...I mean, Witch is probably the catchiest song thats not by animal collective that I've heard in a while.

1. Witch
2. Artichokes
3. You and Me and the Mountain
4. Daily News
5. Ted Zancha

You and Me and the Mountain


Anonymous said...

it sucks that your stealing this record can you at least let some people buy it so the band can survive first?

InstanthumanJustaddcoffee said...

yeah, maybe when it actually comes out besides on itunes some people will buy it. Also, i plan on seeing them at the end of this month and supporting them that way as well as introducing many people to them. In fact, i personally introduced 2 people to them today who had no idea that they existed and now are probably coming to that very show with me. Learn to respect the ebb and flow my friend, this place is about spreading the word and learning to respect new things and expanding minds so if you see it as just some pirate sabotage shit, you can take your negativity and go to FYE

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

thanks for upping this man, been wanting to hear this

linked you on my blog now too, ah-shiit

todd said...

i downloaded this from some site before it was released too, I love maps and atlases..
The only opportunity i had to see them, i had no ride and no one to go with, and they're playing with portugal the man and no shows in california (l.a.)! WHAT! asses.

As far as the stealing is concerned, sure that's how they make a good deal of their profit, but: 1. it's an ep and they'll have a full length out later this year (which i also intend on consuming without spending)
2. paying the what, $5-10 is worth less than telling 5 people, who in the long term will most likely invest more.